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Why have a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR evaluation or rating?

This is the critical 1st step to help you improve the comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and long-term durability of your home. Only by doing a series of tests including infrared scanning, blower-door testing, and combustion efficiency and safety testing you will know your true priorities for improvements that are smart for you, your family and the environment. Savings estimates are calculated and provided in the comprehensive written report.In addition, if you have specific problems, I'll be able to identify the cause of those problems and provide solutions. Just like seeing your doctor, you can't diagnose without  some testing.

The Process, step-by-step

  • Personal Consultation - On the phone and during the evaluation I'll ask you about your house, your specific concerns and focus on solving those issues.
  • Inspection & Testing - Includes a check of the exterior such as the foundation and attic ventilation. Then measure the exhaust fan flows, locate building air leakage with the blower-door, scan with a high quality thermal imaging camera and complete a comprehensive combustion safety test on certain types of equipment such as water heaters. Physically check in the attic for insulation, air leakage, ventilation and moisture problems. Physically check exterior wall cavities and crawl spaces as needed for existing insulation levels.
  • Written Report - You will receive a report that includes customized, detailed information on what you have, what's causing any specific problems and recommendations for solutions and money saving improvements. This report also includes a Request for Proposal that details the work to be done that you can use to get bids from contractors. This is one of the key components of our service; helping you to get the work done right.
             If you choose to do the work yourself it will help you do the job right too.
  • Complete one or more Recommended Improvements - There is no time period in which work must be completed. After two years you might have to ask for an extension to stay active. There are also bonus incentives to complete 3 or more items. For WPS gas customers who want to take advantage of the WPS bonus rewards (see below) the work must be done within 6 months.
  • Follow-up retest - Customers who complete improvements that have cash-back incentives will have a no-charge follow-up test after the work is done. All applicable tests are done again and the work is checked to make sure it was done effectively. This is also a key component of the program, since without additional testing you would not know for sure.
  • Cash-Back rewards from Focus - Customers who heat with natural gas or electricity from a participating utility, and some who heat with liquid propane, will get cash-back incentives from Focus on Energy after the follow-up testing. We take care of this - no paperwork on your end. These incentives can total hundreds or even over $1000 dollars! And the only way to get them is to have the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR evaluation and follow-up.
Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) gas customers who heat with gas have significant additional rewards available from a WPS/Focus on Energy partnership. Many people have received TRIPLE the normal Focus rewards from this extra WPS bonus.
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